how to make a man want you more

How to Make a Man Want You More

There are some things that you can do to make a man want you more than anything in the world, and some things you shouldn’t do if you truly want him to be obsessed with no one but you.

It has been said that if you love something then set it free. If it comes back to you, it’s yours; if it doesn’t, make sure you didn’t screw up too bad.

Are your ways working? It’s hard to tell sometimes because men are notoriously difficult to read without all the subtle clues they tend to give off (or not give off).

There are several things that women can do right at this very moment in order to get themselves on the path towards making a man want them more than he wants his next breath of fresh air.

More importantly, these hints and tips will not just create interest in him but also turn that interest into cement-like devotion for life. Here they are:

1. Look GOOD when you’re around him!

This should go without saying but it is the most important aspect of this article. Women who are attractive will always be more desirable than women who are not.

A man wants what he cannot have, and if his eyes tell him that there’s no way on Earth that you can be had then he has to have you.

The basic rule of thumb is that a woman should put herself together before going out in public with a man, both inside and outside the bedroom.

This means she better know how to do makeup properly, style her hair well (and keep it styled), pick outfits that highlight her best features and make her feel confident, etc. In short:

Be pretty or even stunningly beautiful when hanging out with him.

2. Keep the conversation interesting!

Remember how we said that men are difficult to read because they don’t give off much in body language when it comes to emotions?

This is not true when it comes to hearing what’s being said between them and their friends.

Men, especially those who consider themselves “men’s men”, will always compare women to previous conquests based on how well she carries herself over the course of a conversation.

He’s listening for words like “like” or “you know” or “umm” or any other filler word that diminishes the weight of what you’re saying, laughing at jokes that aren’t funny, asking pointless questions just so he has something to say to her, etc.

This is a horrible sign for you and something that should be nipped in the bud right away.

The best way to do this is to keep your conversations with him interesting, fun, and full of content at all times.

3. Spend TIME with his friends and family!


When a man feels like he’s spending time with his buddies on a regular basis then he begins to feel safe, secure and loved if it’s done right on the woman’s end.

He will start thinking about how great it would be if there was more than just him, she, and their relationship going on in his life.

having another person or people into which he can pour out his feelings means that he no longer has to bear the weight of everything alone (and no, not all men are “loners” who enjoy their solitude).

If you want to take it one step further then spend time with his friends and family. This will make him feel like he’s the man of your dreams because he has enough trust in his relationship to let you meet the people closest to him.

It’s also a test for how well you’ll get along with them because they’re sure as hell going to give you an earful if something is off about you (again, this is why it’s best NOT to hang around them at first).

4. Don’t be too CLINGY!

Letting go means that he wants more; hanging on after he tells you to let go means that all hope is lost. If you find yourself in the former category then you need to pump the brakes and let go before he does.

This will make him question all of your previous actions with regards to him, especially if it means that there’s nothing stopping you two from being together (this is contradictory but it works on men).

If this happens then he’ll start to wonder what’s wrong with his life because this woman wants him badly enough that she would break down into tears just by looking at her phone screen.

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On the flip side, don’t be too clingy even when they’re telling you to back off!

This is a huge red flag for them because they can tell when someone is putting up a front in order to get close to them; people who are actually interested in a relationship with them will not have an “on-again, off-again” approach simply because they keep getting pushed away.

If this is you then he’ll just lose interest and find someone else who has no problem being alone but still wants to be with him.

5. DON’T be too available!

In the same vein as not being too clingy, don’t be TOO available where he’s concerned!

Sure, it’s nice to know that someone is waiting for your call or text or what-have-you but there needs to be some distance between you two lest things get boring and he loses interest.

Again, if this happens then his best bet would be finding another woman who can make him feel the way you used to; if she’s that much better then he’ll leave without a second thought.

This also means that you shouldn’t be asking him out all of the time, calling him when it’s convenient for you (and never when it isn’t), and so on.

Hell, this even applies to texting because waiting hours upon hours just to get one back is pointless in the eyes of most men; they need some sort of stimulus to keep their interest which can only come from someone else who has no problem keeping them busy at all times.

6. Don’t be afraid to MAKE THE FIRST MOVE!

The fact that women are waiting around for men to initiate contact with them doesn’t sit too well with us guys simply because it makes it seem as if we have no backbone when the truth is that we’re just afraid of rejection.

If you’re afraid of rejection then don’t initiate contact!

If you find yourself lacking confidence (and he’s worth your wild) then keep reading because I’m about to drop some knowledge on the subject; women who lack confidence are already perfect in our eyes,

all we need is for them to gain a little bit more and they’ll be able to make us feel like gods among men simply by doing what they do best:

being awesome and not giving a damn about all of those ridiculous stereotypes out there.

7. Be yourself!

People who are too serious or too aloof don’t have enough fun in their lives which means that they’re boring to hang out with.

This will make a man want you more because you’ve got the perfect amount of playfulness and seriousness down pat; neither one takes over the other and we can see ourselves having a lot of fun with you (it’s not all about courtship, mind you;

we need someone who we can take to public events as well).

8. Be willing to LOSE CONTROL!

Men like confident women but what they also like is for those same women to let go every now and then (i.e., throwing up on his shoes, forgetting their wallet at home, etc.).

It makes us feel as if we’re not the only ones going on a rollercoaster ride, so to speak, and that’s exactly what we want.

We need someone who is just as willing to act like children because it gives us an excuse to be ourselves (i.e., kids are allowed to do whatever they want without any regard for society’s rules).

9. Be honest!

If you don’t like him then tell him right off the bat! Don’t lead him on because it makes you look dishonest and untrustworthy; this can even mean telling him about how his favorite team stinks or his haircut isn’t the best idea out there.

He won’t take offense because he knows what he in life which means that he can take a joke or two about himself.

10. Be a GREAT listener!

He won’t want someone who is going to talk his ear off, so it’s best to have a good poker face and let him do the talking while you simply nod along with everything that comes out of his mouth.

This shows that you’re genuinely interested in what he has to say and that you’ll be able to hold up your end of the conversation when you’re alone with him later on down the road.

11. Don’t give up!

If he doesn’t answer your texts right away then send another one; if he doesn’t invite you over for double dates with his friends then ask him why not (you can also ask which girl they’re going to go on a date with later that night because you’d like to meet her).

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The point of all of this is simple: don’t give up on him and focus on making yourself as open as possible.

This shows confidence and makes him want to know what’s going on in your mind at all times which will make him think about you even when he’s working or playing video games!

12. Stay positive!

This is not the time to rant and rave about everything that’s happening in your life because it gets old real fast. Keep things interesting by keeping your negative thoughts to yourself;

if you can’t do this then try talking about day-to-day activities like going grocery shopping or taking a walk around the neighborhood (he’ll be able to relate).

If he sees that you’re like one of the guys, even though you’re a girl, then he’ll want you more because he won’t be afraid of losing his masculinity when he’s with you which makes him feel as if nothing good will come out of breaking up with someone like yourself.

13. Know your limits!

Don’t drink too much when you’re out with friends or family; don’t go on rants about your ex-boyfriends; don’t do things that you’ll regret later on in life.

You can tell him that this is how you deal with stress (he won’t believe you) but it’s best to look like someone who lives a respectable lifestyle.

Don’t bother spending time with people who are constantly fighting because he doesn’t want to see the two of you fighting all of the time;

if you do these things then, at best, he’ll be disgusted or annoyed by your behavior and, at worst, he’ll lose respect for you (you wouldn’t act this way around his friends so why act like this when it comes to him).


If there is one thing that men appreciate it’s a woman who can bend to their needs and wants.

Don’t complain about how he doesn’t take you out to the movies or dining at expensive restaurants because this shows that you’re not willing to compromise.

Instead of complaining, simply tell him what you want instead (i.e., “I don’t mind going out tonight or staying in for a quiet night by ourselves”).

This approach will make him think that you’re not hard to deal with which means that he’ll want to spend even more time with you!

15. Make HIM feel special too!

This may sound as if it is obvious but some people aren’t as good as others when it comes to making those around them feel wanted.

Men are no different which is why you have to let him know that he’s a priority in your life as well! If you see a cute kitten video on YouTube then tag him in it so that he sees it too.

Invite him out with your friends so that he feels included, and tell him how much everyone misses him when he goes away for work.

This will make him want to spend more time with you which means more personal time between the two of you.

16. Don’t complain about your ex!

If he brings up an ex that you didn’t like then simply say that you hope they’re doing well and move on;

if he asks why you broke up with him/her then don’t go on a rant. Instead of telling him how awful your ex is, keep it simple by saying “he was too clingy” or “she had the attention span of a goldfish”.

No need to get into the nitty-gritty details because those will only cause problems down the road (it won’t be as clear what happened).

If he thinks that there might be problems between the two of you then he’ll want to step back and give himself some space which means no personal time for you and no romantic time for him.

17. Communicate!

Communication is the key to any relationship (that has a chance of lasting) so make sure that you’re talking about the important things like how often he’s calling, what your plans are, and if he’d like to go out with friends or family sometime soon.

Keeping an open dialogue will make it easy for him to talk about anything because he knows that you won’t judge him (at least not based on what you know now)

This means more bonding opportunities between the two of you which makes him want you even more!

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You should continue setting aside time where there is no competition; i.e., don’t bring up other women who could trigger insecurity in him (the ex-girlfriend who left him for his best friend for example).

18. Be tough when necessary!

Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself and what you believe in; don’t go on a rant if he says something stupid, and don’t get into an argument because there might be consequences (he could get angry and leave without saying where he is going leaving the two of you with no dinner reservations tonight or at least this evening).

His needs should come second to yours because, after all, you’re not together yet which means that he’ll need to make some changes (or give you a really good reason why can’t) before you take it upon yourself to make concessions (this will only happen once the relationship has moved forward significantly enough where you feel comfortable to make compromises).

19. Have things in common!

Men like women who share similar interests with them which is why it’s important that you search for men who like the same things that you do (it’s better if they at least appreciate what you enjoy doing)!

This means that he’ll be more willing to spend less time with his friends and family so that he can play video games or attend your book club meetings; in return, you can look forward to spending more time with him when he has free time because of how much he appreciates you!

He will want to talk about his favorite hobbies with you because this helps him open up which means there is more bonding between the two of you!

If sharing interests doesn’t always work out (he hates your favorite TV show or the books you like to read) then make sure that he’s open to trying these things with you; don’t get too clingy where it becomes obvious how desperate you are!

20. Have a life of your own!

This means spending time with friends and family so that he knows that when he spends time with you, there is no net attached which means this relationship is based on mutual feelings.

You can still take him out for dinner at least once a week to give the impression that the two of you have a solid foundation before moving forward in a romantic sense because sometimes men lose interest when they feel smothered by the woman in their life!

Make sure that his friends and family like you (if they don’t then there will be problems between the two of you) and that your friends and family like him; they will tell you what your blind spots are where he is concerned which means that they can help make sure that this relationship doesn’t fail before it has even begun!

how to make a man want you more

There are many things you can do to make a man want you more rather than less; pick an outfit (or style) that accentuates your strengths, keep the conversation interesting by talking about his friends and family first before comparing experiences,

Show resilience when faced with adversity (or the lack of adequate attention from him) by setting certain things boundaries so that you get what you need from the relationship.

Don’t be too clingy or desperate because this might cause a man to stray which means he’ll be interested in finding out about other women who might trigger feelings of insecurity within you!

Conclusion: how to make a man want you more

In this blog post, we have provided a few tips to make a man want you more rather than less.

You should look good when you’re around him, keep the conversation interesting by talking about his friends and family first before comparing experiences, and set boundaries so that he gets what he needs from the relationship without being too clingy or desperate.

If all of this sounds intimidating on how to get started with these principles then reach out for help!

In summary here is how to make a man want you more.

  •  Look GOOD when you’re around him!
  • Keep the conversation interesting!
  • Spend TIME with his friends and family!
  •  Don’t be too CLINGY!
  • DON’T be too available!
  • Don’t be afraid to MAKE THE FIRST MOVE!
  • Be yourself!
  • Be willing to LOSE CONTROL!
  • Be honest!
  • Be a GREAT listener!
  • Don’t give up!
  • Stay positive!
  • Know your limits!
  • Make HIM feel special too!
  • Don’t complain about your ex!
  • Communicate!
  • Be tough when necessary!
  • Have things in common!
  • Have a life of your own!
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